Churros 4pc with Chocolate dip sauce

Churros fried 4pc with chocolate dip sauce...

Chicken Tenders Baked 5pc

Boneless crumbed Chicken Tenders baked in oven 5pc with any 1 dip sauce...

Spicy Garlic Bread

Filled with hot chili sauce, capsicum. red onion, mozzarella cheese and jalapenos on top...

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Filled with Mozzarella Cheese...

Garlic Bread

Broccoli and Cheese Bites 5pc

Curly Fries (NEW)

comes with garlic aioli...

jalapeno cheese bites 5pk

Chicken Bites ( 20PCS)

Lamb Bites (5 PCS)

Chicken Nuggets (10 PCS)

Hot Chicken Wings (5PCS)


Chicken Wings(5PCS)


Potato Wedges